Travelling lion - The Best and Truth About it!

For five years, travelling lion  the theatrical adaptation of the Disney Lion King has been attracting fans from all over the country to Broadway. Now, british lions 2017 many will have the opportunity to catch up close to home travelling lion .

On Saturday, travelling lion  the first national tour of the Royal Lions at the Bell Theater in Denver, where screenings begin on April 17 and will continue until June 23 first. Therefore, the "Gazelle Company" will travelling lion  to 10 cities over the next 16 months travelling lion .

Travelling lion it is so funny and amazing it is make you so happy and genius, british lions 2017 you will become knowing other traditional and other culture. 

The producer and Disney executive Thomas Schumacher described the touring show as "a large-scale production of the Lion King", travelling lion  with masks, puppets, costumes and other scenic attractions that made the Broadway version - productions and others british lions 2017 in London, Toronto, Los Angeles, Hamburg, Tokyo and Fukuda, Japan - a unique show travelling lion .

To recreate this show the director and designer received the Tony Award Julie Amor and colleague Michael Curry had to make over 232 new puppets and convert 750 pounds of silicone rubber masks. travelling lion  Add to this the exotic costumes and other Amor equipment, and has a musical that requires 19 trucks to transport from city to city - and one week of technical training in each location, british lions 2017 including three days of theater preparation, before Ability to start performance travelling lion.

"The biggest challenge is that the program has always been about eight weeks to load, and now it has to be compressed to four days," says technical director David Bremen. In addition to the 23 technicians preparing to Production, Benken believes that "in all cities have to hire 60 to 80 people to help carry the show, africa tours and about 35 more to help run it british lions 2017."

Costume designer associate Mary Emcee Peterson estimates that "probably about 600" people working on beading, sewing, painting, dyeing and otherwise meet the costumes, inspired by African traditions. But she adds, laughing: "You can never have enough convenience in this show Actors must be able to change themselves or with minimal help - and quickly, for most scenes africa tours."

The end travelling lion it is make you meeting with new friends and change your thought it likes medicine, africa tours lions tour my dream in future I hope to visit around world, I think most people in this is world they are love travelling.

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