Traveling Monkey - The Truth About it!

Become a supporter of monkeys that travel and receive only one Mono traveler and in hand!
You can help us let monkeys travel around the world. Wherever you go, take pictures of your Monkey travel and enjoy it traveling monkey.

Become a supporter of monkeys that travel and receive only one Mono traveler and in hand!
You can help us let monkeys travel around the world traveling monkey. Wherever you go, trip monkey take pictures of traveling monkey your Mono traveler.

Having discovered several places in Europe,trip monkey  the monkeys decided to move to South America to live a nomadic life. Traveling on low budget results in many adventures: surcharging, autos, volunteering and always having to find the cheapest solution to visit the famous places and to go from point A to point B.

You can travel 2000 km of panic on a boat in the Amazon trip monkey  , walk about 30 km by a railroad to reach less than 3 euros in Mach Fichu or sleep in the warehouse of a gas station in the middle of the Andes. Bambino and Bambina never go by the common way trip monkey . They love adventure!

In January 2014,traveling monkey passports were stolen monkeys in Cuscus. Since then, they have been trapped in Peru waiting to be issued again. As a result, they had to give up his dream of going to Innovation Island in Chile.

However, they will not stop dreaming, monkey travel site and where old dreams die will be new traveling monkey

Unfortunately, monkey travel site it is impossible to reach this recapitulation location, and it would be very difficult to swim in the Pacific Ocean traveling monkey.
No, Bambino and Bambina are not raising funds to build a boat, I just want to fly trip monkey !
In ARPA Nun - Easter Island!

Traveling monkey having a monkey trip is like having a permanent partner travel.
In the end you identify your monkey.traveling monkey So instead of having an uncomfortable picture of you with closed eyes taken by a stranger in front of the Eifel Tower half the missing picture will have a perfect picture, how you want, with his fellow traveling beautiful trip monkey .

Traveling Monkey how to ?

By giving monkeys that travel not only ensure that Bambino and Bambina reach the island of your dreams, you will also contribute to various projects on which they work.

1. Your Travel Blob

2. The current photographic project "Bambina Bambino and in the world" ??. Examples of this project can be seen in the introductory video and its Faceable

3. The creation of "traveling monkeys" ?? Website, an online store for the sale of handmade plush monkeys.

You might think that 2500 euros are too much money for two plane tickets to ARPA Nun and they are right with this thought.
Santiago De Chile tickets usually cost no more than 1500 euros for two people.
The difference of the Euro 1000 can be explained by the printing costs of postcards, handling and traveling monkeys that give as a reward for their donors.

Travelling monkey it is so amazing and ambitious, you knowing other people and other cutler really it is so enjoyable monkey travel site .

All traveling monkeys sent to donors are unique and handmade traveling monkey.

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