5 Reasons Traveling the World (Alone) Is a Cure for Heartbreak

Have you been putting off a trip to another country hoping that once you find the right partner, you two travel the world together?

Maybe you always get on a recent break, found in a routine, or even a bit of a depression.

Here's a story: NO NEED PERSON to make you happy! (He does not have the right guy anyway - I mean you look, all sad for him.) And you definitely do not need to browse the world.

Of course, when you find this impressive relationship - and you - you can go to the island to jump together in the Galapagos, romantic gondolas stroll through the streets of Venice and share the exotic fruits in Bali.

But why wait for all that when you have the same opportunity to do these things now?

"How can an international trip bring me happiness?" You ask.

Let me tell you why I travel the world is one of the coolest things in life that you could do for yourself:

1. It takes you on a routine. If you are trapped, maybe because you just have a relationship and you feel bad, or you lack personal satisfaction in your work, planning a trip abroad, you will automatically wait for some Exciting and different.

You will spend the research, planning, prices, and then take this trip at a time from the remote location. Better still, once you get to your overseas location, you will be stimulated by every new thing around the last thing about your brain will be ol 'what is its face.

2. Traveling everywhere requires you to think about life differently. For me, being in transit, either a plane / train / bus, always inspires me to ask about the bigger picture.

"Where am I going in life?" I could ask. There's something about the vehicle or the moving gear, and my being in them in a new city or country, which asks me what this life is about.

"Am I satisfied with my life so far ?, How I am grateful to take this trip now !, Is it better to be in the office today ?, How can I make myself feel like That all the time? "And so.

3. Being able to see another culture in action is an incredible gift. The points of view. Sounds. Smells, even! I went to places in the world whose smell was not exactly nice when I got off the plane.

But even this kind of nociceptive stimulation, this total immersion in a completely different environment than usual, create new thoughts, new sensations, new emotions and open to ideas and experiences that you have never had before. A feeling of wonder arising on you, whether you realize it or not.

You will learn a new language, or at least new words and concepts for things that does not exist where you are. The customs of this new place will amaze and even surprise at times. You are constantly comparing what they do in this foreign place with what people do at home. It's better? Worst? Either way, it is certainly very different. How interesting!

4. The Journey of the World always gives you a new perspective. You will meet new people, some of whom you enter your lifestyle. Remember that there are billions of people who live their unique billions of life around this incredible planet every day while it lives its.

You might think that the chance you have it, a citizen of your own country, have the possibilities that you have at your disposal and live station in the life you have to live.

You can appreciate more than ever the equipment and policies of their own country, against this place, but new and exciting.

5. Something you see, do or experience abroad can change the direction and path of one's life. When he was 23 years old and worked in my first post-college job, the hours were long and the salary was low, I decided to take a 2 week trip to Europe. The week after my return, I gave my two weeks notice to leave.

I came on my return that was not enough meaning and purpose in my work, and I saw a future of meaning or purpose if I stayed. Being away from the office helped me realize that I owed much larger fish to fry, and that those huge shrimp tilapia were elsewhere, and I just need to find them.

But even if your next international trip does not leave your job immediately, however, it can stimulate some sort of new and different on its return to local action.

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